We Got Engaged.

What Do We Do Now?

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 It is your wedding. Your own very special day. Make it a no stress wedding, a one-of a-kind event. Congratulations! You just set the date for the most important day in your life. Your wedding day. Many bridal couples become overwhelmed by all the ‘must do’s and instead of enjoying the journey get stressed out. Don’t be one of them. Here are a few suggestions that will make the preparation fun. Keep within your financial limits. Budget your wedding carefully. You do not want to start your joined life in debt. If you are organized have a plan and are creative, whatever your budget, a wedding to remember is do-able. When you look at the tasks at hand in preparing for your wedding, the list may be overwhelming. . Don’t try to do everything all at once. Break your list it into small manageable portions that you can successfully accomplish. Always remember that it is YOUR wedding. Be sure that it reflects YOU. No one can or should dictate to you what to do and how to do it. Though you may seek advice, the final decision is yours. On the other hand, don’t be shy. Accept assistance when offered and solicit involvement from those you believe will be an asset. Your wedding is a deeply serious and intimate moment declaring your love and commitment to each other. Add your personal touches. If you have children you may consider making them an important part of your wedding. Read the article ‘Make your children a part of the wedding’ Make your wedding truly a one-of-a-kind event. Pick a few aspects of your wedding and make them personalized. The personal touch is what makes a wedding most meaningful and memorable to the bridal couple, their attendants, family and all invited guests. Also, fill your day with cherished moments and keepsakes. Whether you choose a favorite theme, a special setting or an intimate gathering of friends and loved ones, enjoy the road leading to it because, sad to say, the wedding itself will be over before you know it. Yet the memories and keepsakes will stay with you forever. Treasure them! Good Luck!

Announcing Your Engagement

In today’s Society we encounter various forms of weddings, each with different requirements.     ·  There are weddings of couples where both partners marry for the first time.     ·  There are weddings of couples where one or both have been married before, but have no children.     ·  There are weddings of couples where one or both have been married before, and have children.     ·  There are weddings of couples with children, who decided to have a renewal of vows wedding and There are December weddings of couples over 50 years old that often have children and grandchildren. We’ll begin with the wedding announcement of brides and grooms, having a Family Wedding that includes children. Brides and grooms, who do not have children, should skip number 1.

Who do you tell first, second and…

It is no secret that you are bursting in the seam wanting to share your happy news with those closest to you. Sharing the news in person is not always practical. When it is not, a phone call is appropriate. 1. Your Children; If either or both of you have children, they should be the first to hear of your engagement. You do not want them to hear it from anyone else. 2. Your Parents; Usually the parents of the bride are told first, following immediately by the parents of the groom. 3. Siblings, Grandparents, and Other Close Relatives; 4. Your Closest Friends; 5. Everyone else;

How to announce your engagement to everyone else?

You have a few options. Most brides and grooms utilize at least some if not all of them. ·  Mail printed announcements. They do not have to be expensive. Purchase blank invitation kits and print them on your computer printer. If you plan to have a wedding ceremony and reception, send announcements only to people you intend to invite. ·  Invite your friends and family to an engagement party. ·  Publish an announcement in your local newspaper. ·  Create a Wedding Website. ·  Once you secure your wedding date and location, send out Save-The-Date cards.

Your First Wedding Planning Things-To-Do List

Every engaged couple is unique. Some have plenty of time to plan their wedding while others do not. Therefore rather than plan by a time table, we plan by priority. 1. Announce your engagement. 2. Have your fiancé spend time with your family. This will give them the opportunity to get to know him or her better. He or she will become a part of the family and you want him or her to be welcomed. 3. Be prepared to answer many questions 4. Prepare for an engagement party. It is customary for parents to have an engagement party. 5. Decide how much time you need to plan your wedding. 6. Use the PERSONALIZED “Our Wedding – Wedding Planning Organizer” It will guide you, so you can easily plan your wedding from start to finish, no matter how casual or lavish. This personalized wedding planning workbook comes in a 3 ring binder, so you can print any page and have as many copies as you need. This is a very comprehensive personalized planner that includes articles, tips, budgeting worksheets, planning worksheets, hiring worksheets and many checklists. It even includes Contract Checklist forms to assure that every detail is covered. 7. Read the articles you are interested in and use the worksheets and checklists. 8. Find out if your families will participate by contributing funds or by covering the costs of specific needs. 9. Set your budget. (See Tips Page.) 10. Set your priorities. 1. Must have 2. Would like to have 3. Will have only if it is within our budget. 11. Open a wedding specific checking account and get an awards credit card dedicated exclusively to wedding expenses. 12. Research wedding magazines and attend Bridal Shows. 13. Always carry a notebook and pen so you can add ideas, details, things to check, and notes. 14. Your wedding planning 3 rings binder includes closeable folders and sheet protectors for brochures, contracts, receipts, magazine articles, pictures, menu ideas, fabric swatches, stationery ideas and samples, photos, etc. Use them. 15. Make the first draft of your Guest List. You may need to tailor it to fit within your budget. 16. Choose possible dates. 17. Choose time of day for ceremony. 18. Coordinate a date from your chosen dates with, and book an Officiant. 19. Choose time of day for reception. 20. Decide what style of reception you want. This may depend on your budget and number of guests. 21. Start looking for a reception venue. 22. Check your budget and the number of guests against the basic venue reception costs. 23. Trim your original Guest List if necessary. 24. Now that you know who will be invited, send out Save the Date cards. 25. Choose your wedding colors. 26. Choose and invite the people you want as your Wedding Attendants. 27. Consider friends and family members who may be willing to contribute their talents to your wedding. Do you know anyone who: Does flower arrangements? Decorates special cakes? Can design centerpieces? Plays an instrument and/or Sing? Etc. 28. Jot down all the do-able tasks and all deadlines and set your personal time table. 29. Contact those who you believe are reliable, to whom you could delegate tasks. 30. Mark each task, deadline, interview, appointment, meeting and follow-up on your calendar. 31. Relax and enjoy each other as you plan your wedding together.

Wedding Planning Check List

Preliminaries ·  Announce your engagement. ·  Select a Wedding Date. ·  Decide on Wedding style. ·  Decide on Wedding Location. ·  Decide on Wedding Formality. ·  Decide on Wedding Time of Day. ·  Decide on Theme for Wedding. ·  Decide on Wedding Colors. ·  Determine your Budget. ·  Choose your Wedding Attendants. ·  Determine Who Will Pay for What ·  Give each contributor a copy your Budget Page and have them enter their task, monetary or accessory contribution, etc. ·  Give each Attendant a copy of each Monthly Calendar Page so they can mark important activities and festivities. ·  Decide on the preliminary number of guests. You may need to change it later. ·  Decided if We Want to Invite Children. ·  Compile the bride’s guest list the groom’s guest list, the guest list of those they both intend to invite, add the guests your parents request you invite. ·  Judging by your budget, if you need to, start trimming as follows: must invite, may invite and will probably not invite. ·  Tentatively finalized Guest List. ·  Select your Ceremony Site. ·  Secured an Officiant. ·  Purchased Wedding Bands ·  Select a Reception Site. ·  Sent an Announcement to Your Newspaper. ·  Sent Out Invitations.


·  For a wedding at home, arranged for all necessary home improvements. . ·  If you plan to have a garden wedding arranged for Necessary Landscape Improvements. ·  Order the Bridal Head Pieces. ·  Order the Bride’s Shoes. ·  Arrange Rehearsal. ·  Arrange Rehearsal Dinner. . ·  Book wedding vendors and service providers as follows: Caterer, Bar Service, Bakery, Florist, Music and Entertainment, photographers, Videographers, Rental and Supplies, Valet Service,Accommodations for bride and groom Including wedding night Bridal Suite, Accommodations for guests, Transportation for Bride and Groom, Transportation for guests, Provided each of the Wedding Attendants with a copy of the Responsibilities Pages, Met with Bridal Party to discuss their Attire, Shopped for the Bridesmaids Dresses and Shoes, Arrangements made for Men’s Attire, Gifts from Groom to Bride, Gifts from Bride to Groom, Gifts for the Kids, Gifts for the family, Gifts for attendants, ·  obtain The following wedding accessories: Cake top, Cake serving set, Flower basket, Flutes, Garter, Guest book, Pen set, Purse – Money Bag, Ring Pillow, Unity Candles and a Candle Holder ·  Centerpieces and table decorations ·  Favors ·  Gifts For each other, kids, parents and family, wedding party, others. ·  Reception site Decorations ·  Locking Treasure Chest for Gifts and Cards.

Travel Arrangements – Make sure you have all the documentation

·  Passport(s) ·  Visa(s) ·  Birth Certificate(s) ·  License(s) ·  Arrangements for Hotel, Resort, Cruise etc. ·  Arrangements for transportation at Destination. ·  Destination Wedding Ceremony – Officiant. ·  Destination Wedding Reception – Planner ·  Destination Wedding Accommodations for guests ·  Arrangements for Guest transportation at Destination ·  Arrangements for Tours and Entertainment at Destination This is just a wedding planning article. For a complete planning organizer check: Personalized Wedding Planning Organizer provides you with tips, ideas, and forms that include a comprehensive list of interview questions and a contract checklist. ******************************************************************

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