A Home Dream Wedding or Party on a budget

A Home Dream Wedding or Party on a budget

By Nily Glaser     ©All rights reserved, 2013

Have you thought of hosting a wedding at home, garden or in a club house?
We at A-wedding Day received many requests for information about planning a home dream wedding, engagement party, shower, holiday, graduations, retirement, a special birthday party or other celebrations, on a budget.
Read this article, add your ideas and enjoy a wonderful party hosted in a home a garden or a club house.

Kelly wrote:

“Dear A-wedding Day: I am planning a simple elegant ceremony followed by an at home (garden) wedding reception.
I am on a rather strict budget.
I need ideas for:

  • Inexpensive yet elegant invitations,
  • Reception recipes like finger foods and easy buffet items,
  • Inexpensive and easy to make centerpieces,
  • Reasonably priced wedding accessories to go with my beach theme wedding,
  • Inexpensive and easy to make Favors,

If you have other ideas that will help me to actually have my dream wedding without going over my small budget, I’ll surely appreciate them.”


This article is our actual response to Kelly but is intended to serve others as well. Nothing can be more personal and economical than having a wedding at home, but there may be some considerations.

You must consider the size of the house, garden or club house when preparing your guest list. You want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy your special day. Unless you have an enormous house, garden or club house, limit the number of guests to the number of people you’ll be able to accommodate comfortably.

Consider your wedding day. It is the most important day of your life when you do not want to be bogged down with various details. Have everything well organized so that your friends and family who helped you put the wedding together, will enjoy your special day too. So, if not for the planning, be sure to hire help for your reception.


Since a home or a club house is small in terms of space, you do not need a lot of flowers. If your reception is in a garden you need very few if any.
Go with the seasonal flowers that you can purchase in your supermarket, Costco or Sam’s Club.
They are fresh and beautiful.
Some supermarket even offer personalized floral arrangements at a price that is a fraction of what a florist would charge, but they do not deliver or set up.
If you have one, use flowers from your own garden. Can you imagine more personalized flower arrangements?
If you opt for Silk or Satin flowers, check your local arts and crafts store.


  Candles in Hurricane vases,
  Floating candles in glass bowls,
  A basket filled with candle or soap fruit. The fruit can later serve as favors.
  If you have children, have them create something special and use it.
  Create theme related centerpieces,
  Get a mold and make Ice sculptures. They make great centerpieces.
However, we discovered that creative customers found the re-usable ice sculpture mold also great for chocolate, Jell-O and even ice cream.
Various molds are available so, you may choose the
bride and groom – specific to weddings.
hearts – can be used for weddings, engagements, anniversaries and of course Valentines Day
Snow Man – appropriate for any winter event.


Print your own Invitations and stationery on your computer Ink Jet or Laser printer. Imagine the savings if an elegant invitation and note card that includes 50 invitations with their envelopes as well as 50 note cards and their envelopes costs less than $35.00 for the complete kit.


Arrange for music for the ceremony and the reception. An at-home wedding does not have the appropriate acoustics for a loud DJ or Band. If you want live music, a guitar/flute, a harpist, a harp/flute duo, a string quartet, or a keyboard player will do well. If you have a piano in the room it too can be played to generate your music. Otherwise, use your disc player with CDs filled with your favorite songs and classical pieces to provide background and dancing music.


If you want your wedding, party or event catered at great savings, check if there is a culinary school in your area. If so, contact them to see if you can get a local culinary class to cater your wedding reception as a class project. Some culinary schools will provide food, others will provide only the service most will charge little if at all.


You’ll probably be very busy just before the wedding so if you have access to Costco or Sam’s Club, you’ll find lots of Prepared Foods, cold cuts, cheeses, dips, salads and just about anything you need for perfect finger foods and desserts for your wedding reception or party.
Additionally if you buy wines or other alcoholic beverages, either one accepts return of any unopened bottles, providing it is done in a timely manner. That is within a week or two from purchase date.
Whether you plan on having culinary school students prepare or on a self serve consider buffet style serving tables. If you opt for a semi-formal reception you may need to buy or rent tables and chairs as well as table cloths, napkins, dishes, flatware and drink ware, serving plates, serving bowls, serving utensils, chafing dishes, a tea pot, coffee urn, sugar bowl and creamer. However, if you opt for a casual reception, you may be able to do away with the guest tables and you may choose high quality disposable napkins, plates, flatware and drink ware, but you may still need to buy or rent serving tables with table cloths, serving plates, serving bowls, serving utensils, food warmers, tea and coffee urns, sugar bowl and creamer.


Be sure that your food presentation is clean looking and attractive.
Also be sure you have plenty of each item.
Following is a list of items that are inexpensive, easy to prepare or just display and easy to clean after.

Finger Foods

  Cheese and crackers,
  Fruits and nuts,
  Relish trays,
  Antipasto tray including: marinated peppers, artichoke hearts, olives etc…
  Vegetables and dips,
  Salads such as green, pasta, potato, coleslaw etc…
  A variety of sliced cured meats for make your own sandwiches,
  Various breads and rolls
  Condiments: catchup, mayonnaise, mustard, salt and pepper.
  Chicken breasts also go a long way and are often on sale at our local supermarkets. They freeze well before and after they are cooked, so you can buy them at anytime and have them ready for chicken nuggets etc….
  cold non
  alcoholic drinks
  Hot drinks – Tea, coffee, decaf and to go with them – sugar, cream and lemon.
  desserts including baked goods.
Ethnic foods

Mexican food is  easy,  inexpensive and widely available !!
 rice
  Re-fried Beans,
  tortillas
  Salsa
  Avocado dip
  Tacos
  Burritos
  7 layer taco dip
  Middle Eastern Humus and pita (Chickpeas dip with pocket bread)
  Italian Mini Pizzas
  Chinese egg rolls are also inexpensive, easy to heat and serve and most everyone likes them.
for recipe ideas Click Here


If you plan on a wedding cake but want to save money here too, Ask your baker to frost 2 Styrofoam circles or rectangles if you plan on a sheet cake, and decorate them as if they were actual cake layers and have only the top layer be a real cake.
Do not serve the wedding cake to your guests. Instead, have a sheet cake to serve all your guests so you may freeze the wedding cake for your first anniversary.


There are a few wedding needs on which you should consider applicability and quality over price.
Do not try to save, but get the best photographer as you’ll not be able to re-do your wedding for pictures.
Get the best and most appropriate wedding accessories, whether you want to coordinate for a theme wedding, a color or anything else. Your wedding accessories will become your treasured wedding keepsakes and family heirlooms.
If you are looking for something special and can not find it, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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She writes important articles, and has presented workshops for wedding professionals all over the USA.
To read more of her articles CLICK HERE Her web site is very popular for its discount wedding gifts, bridal accessories, print your own invitations, favors and the very unique items offered including the exclusive line of wedding Accessories By Nily.



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