The Secrets to a Great Marriage – Introduction

By Nily Glaser of A-wedding Day

My husband and I were married in 1965, (Do the math getting close to our 50th anniversary),  raised a family and still feel about each other as though we are newlyweds. Brides, grooms and married couples who know us, often ask us something akin to: “What is the secret to your relationship and happy marriage?”

Since I write for brides and grooms and for married couples, I thought this is an important topic to write about.

Even before you started to court you became best friends, then lovers. By the time you  decide to marry, you were not only best friends but very much in love. The flame of this  love for each other, carried you through the engagement and wedding planning period and after the wedding into your married life. It is this flame that you need to nurture so it does not dim. If you do, you too will enjoy the bliss of a happy fulfilling marriage.

But how do you do it? There are many aspects to married life and all are crucial. Some couples look at the movies for fairy tale marriages where all is always rosy and nice. Reality however dictates that you should never take your spouse for granted and that  each of you needs to give MORE than 100 percent but expect less. As you have before you got married, make eye contact often especially when you communicate, and do things together. Enjoy and respect each other while you play, work, laugh, plan and relax. Be there  for each other in happy times and sad, support each other’s endeavors and always make  time for and acknowledge your spouse. You do not want to realize after years of marriage that though you are still married, you are no longer best friends.

Of the highest priority is that you make your marriage the MOST important part of your life, and your spouse the most important person. Never compromise the place of your spouse or your marriage relating to anything else. We often hear married people say that the kids come first. We say that the only exception is your spouse. After all, your children are invited guests in your marriage. Guests that eventually will leave you to once more be a married couple without children at home. Will your flame still be burning? It should be!

For suggestions that are the results of our experiences as husband and wife read the following article. EMOTIONS – SET ASIDE TIME FOR EACH OTHER!

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