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Ideas for Meaningful Engagement Gifts Wish Lists, Bridal Shower Gifts Wish Lists and Gifts Wish Lists for the Wedding Day

Contributed by Nily Glaser author of the Personalized Wedding Planner and Organizer

With wedding costs escalating, it has become acceptable, even welcome for brides and grooms to inform their friends and relatives of their choices of engagement, shower and wedding gifts. This is why compiling a gift list is now a fundamental part of most couples’ wedding planning. After reading David and Susan’s experience you will understand what prompted ideas that made Ben and Rachel’s experience much more rewarding.

Many couples create a wish list of items and services they desire for their wedding and a separate wish list for wedding gifts. When creating their wish lists, couples tend to divide the lists into categories. Some wish list entries are for individuals or couples, while others are presented as cooperative gifts. That is, a few guests get together and present the bride and groom with a gift from all of them.

Ben and Rachel’s Engagement Gifts.

Rachel is Susan’s sister. She and Ben got married about a year after David and Susan. Rachel and Ben’s parents celebrated their children’s engagement with a lavish party. This time, in addition to the standard invitation wording, the invitees were asked to contact the respective mothers by phone. When contacted, the mothers informed the callers about the wedding date and about the wedding theme the bride and groom chose. They suggested that the guests NOT bring any engagement gifts to the party and that they, the mothers, will share an idea for a most meaningful gift presentation for the couple. Obviously some guests arrived bearing gifts but the majority of guests was too intrigued to do so, and chose to comply with the request.

Rachel and Ben were asked to come an hour later than the scheduled time to allow time for the guests to arrive and get comfortable. Rachel’s mother took on the responsibility to announce the plan. It was a simple and forward presentation that basically stated that Ben and Rachel should have their dream wedding come true. Out of many themes available, they chose
Winter Snow Flake as their wedding theme, and it would bring extra magic to the wedding if friends and family will contribute.

Being very sensitive, Rachel’s mother did not read her daughter’s wish list and did not elaborate, but asked the guests to put on their thinking caps, and help her and Ben’s mother by sharing ideas.

It did not take long for many guest’s suggestions and ideas to be expressed. Some are:

A few crafters suggested a range of handcrafted gifts that will provide the bride and groom with true wedding keepsakes and offered to:

  • Decorate an entire wedding accessories collection with decorations matching the wedding theme
  • Decorate the reception hall
  • Create favors
  • Create floral arrangements from silk or satin flowers, including the bouquets, wristlets  boutonnieres and centerpieces,
  • Write and frame a poem for the bride and groom on their special day,
  • Play instrument and / or sing
  • Take photographs at both ceremony and reception
  • A teacher suggested that she will supply “Fun Kits” to keep invited kids happily occupied.
  • A few guests even suggested getting together to create and decorate the wedding cake.

When they first thought of the idea, neither mother thought it would cause such excitement. Both were overwhelmed! It was, yet it was not surprising that even the gift bearing guests offered their participation with items and / or services.

Ben’s mother who could not get over the enthusiasm and energy in the room, provided each guest with a note card, decorated with red roses and butterflies, of course. She also provided each with an envelope. The instructions for the guests who wished to participate were simple. “Write down how you would like to participate in helping create an unforgettable dream wedding for Ben and Rachel, and return the filled card to me before you leave the party.”

Rachel’s Bridal Shower Gifts.

Susan who held Rachel’s bridal shower followed the same idea except that the request for suggestions and ideas was sent in advance, with the invitations and was aimed for suggestions and ideas of gifts that would provide Ben and Rachel with a dream honeymoon.

Gifts Offered by Guests Included:

  • A night at a hotel,
  • Welcome baskets, (fruit, candies, pastries and other eatables)
  • Romantic baskets (champagne and personalized champagne flutes, Candles and candle    holders, Bubble bath, personalized keepsake towels, etc)
  • Meals gift certificates,
  • Entertainment gift certificates or tickets to events
  • Lingerie,
  • Transportation

Ben and Rachel’s Bridal Shower Gifts Wish List Book.

At both engagement and shower celebrations, a WEDDING GIFTS – WISH LIST BOOK put together by the bride and groom were available for browsing. The wish list in the book was not for engagement or shower gifts. It was very specific. As wedding gifts, Rachel and Ben included items they wanted or needed to start their life as a married couple.

Ben and Rachel worked very diligently on their wedding wish list book. Each item entered included a picture, a price range and a box for a check mark. Yet each stated that the picture is just suggestive and the item does not have to be of a specific manufacturer and can look somewhat differently.
Gift suggestions were organized by category with approximate price included. Guests who chose to use it as a guide, were asked to put a check (no name or identity. Just a check) next to the item they would like to provide.
Ben and Rachel did not commit to a specific store’s bridal registry for their wedding wish list. They thought it more considerate to allow their friends and family to shop wherever it was most convenient for them, be it in a store or on the Internet.

When asked why they did not choose specific stores’ bridal registries, Rachel simply said: “Our friends and family are very important to us. We want them at our wedding. The gifts are much less important and are not worth offending or placing a burden on our wedding guests.”
Wedding invitees were sent the modified list and asked to call the mothers to verify that the gift they chose is still requested. This too was a great idea. As a result Ben and Rachel did not receive duplicated items but did receive what they hoped for.

Would you believe that Ben and Rachel’s wedding wish list DID NOT include a toaster, a microwave, towel sets, drinking glasses or any items David and Susan received in duplicates?

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