Wedding traditions and wedding customs as observed on her wedding Day, shared by Nikki Dettmar.

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    I certainly intend to let everyone know how helpful you have been and encourage them to visit your site. Thank you again for your wonderful help.

    David James, Wisconsin

    I just wanted to thank you for your help. I received my snowflakes today and they far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for being so helpful.
    If I need anything else for my wedding or if any one else I know needs something I will definately recommend your company.

    Jenn Nafus, NY

    I recieved the Irish Theme wedding accessories by Nily. We are delighted that they came in time for St. Patrick's day. The accessories are so elegant.
    I wanted to thank you for your help.
    Are you planning any Claddagh items?

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    Wedding Planning Tips and Ideas

    Order your wedding flowers HERE
    Rose Care Tips
    from Vaughn's Florals & Gifts

    If your roses arrived in plastic water tubes, remove them before arranging.

    Remove any leaves that will be under water.

    Recut stems by removing 1-2 inches with a sharp knife.

    Place roses in a clean, deep vase of water containing a flower food.

    Check daily if the water become cloudy, replace it.

    Keep your roses in a cool place, out of direct sun and drafts.

    Tips for Sending Invitations

    If you did not send out Save the date announcements, your wedding invitation is the first item your guests will see about your wedding. It gives your guests an idea as to the type and formality of your wedding.

    Invitations may be printed or engraved. Formal invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks before your wedding date. Informal weddings, invitations ten days prior.

    When ordering invitations, order 25 more than you think you will need. It's cheaper to order more in advance than ordering a small quantity at a later date. Also, order extra envelopes to allow for mistakes.

    Invitation and announcements should be handwritten in black or blue ink or in dark ink matching your wedding colors such as Burgundy, purple, brown, and green. Red is inappropriate. Gold and silver may be used but they are difficult to read. Both envelopes should be in the same handwriting. You may want to consider calligraphy. It creates a very elegant look for your invitations.

    Children's names should be listed on the inside envelope on the second line. Never use "and Family" on the envelope. The rule is, if children are not listed on the envelope, they are not invited. However, in order not to create confusion, you may wish to indicate so within your communications. Any invited children over the age of 18 should receive their own invitation.

    Wedding favors tip:
    Instead of using place cards, bake large heart shaped sugar cookies with icing made with your wedding color. Wrap each cookie in cellophane and tie it with a ribbon. Attach a small place card with the guest's name to the ribbon. and you have both an original place card and a favor all in one.


    Shared by: Nancy Hearne- Linen's & Lace Gifts

    Memory in a Nutshell: Rod & I were married Aug. 21, 1976. Our finances were not established (I moved here from another state and was fresh out of college & Rod was newly employed)....we really didn't have much; but, my husband the Romantic, gave me a Rose and Anniversary card on Sept. 21, two roses & card on Oct. 21, and so forth until our First Anniversary --- 12 roses and Card. Needless to say, it was a very special year in spite of the hardships! :)

    Mailboxes-Unique Gift Idea!

    Shared by: Diane Morgan- Morgan Mailboxes & More

    Have you thought about giving the Bride and Groom a mailbox for the wedding ceremony to put the wedding gift cards in? This mail box can then be used to receive mail at their home.
    Mail boxes can be painted, decorated and personalized with the Bride and Grooms names.
    Personalized wedding gifts are not only mementos they become useful furnishing or cherished decorations in the newlyweds home.

    Royal Icing Decorations

    Shared by: Ann Cooke,

    Royal Icing decorations that you can make, or have made by a cake decorator, can be used to decorate toasting glasses, candles, centerpieces, desert cups, favors, and even placed on the coffee cup saucer as a decoration and to be used in place of sugar.
    Royal Icing decorations can be made to look like porcelin. They are the hardened decorations often put on cakes and to decorate pasteries. If you are crafty you can easily make royal icing decorations yourself. A cake and candy supply store in your neighborhood can help you select the the size and style decorating tip you will need for doing what is called finger piping. Many cake and candy supply stores also sell pre-made royal icing decorations. They will also more than likely be able to refer you to someone who would be happy to make them for you.
    To decorate a champagne goblet for a toast, pipe some flowers and small leaves made of royal royal icing on the stem of the glass. Trailing ivy also looks very elegant. Use your imagination.

    Keepsakes and Memories

    Your wedding day is just the beginning of your life together. It is but a day but a day to remember and cherish. It is important that you savor the memories of your wedding day with keepsakes. following are some ideas.

    Your Wedding Cake

    Celebrate your first anniversary with a piece of your wedding cake. To do so, you need to Encase the top layer securely in plastic wrap. Follow by securely enclosing it in aluminum foil. Do not use just aluminum foil because it can leave the cake tasting metallic. To keep the original flavor of the cake, store the cake in the back of the freezer where the temperature remains constant.

    Your Bridal Bouquet

    You can preserve your wedding flowers by drying them, turning them into potpourri or individually pressing them within the pages of a heavy book.
    To properly preserve a bouquet,you must begin the drying process even before you leave on your honeymoon. If you leave immediately after the wedding you should make arrangement with a specialist to have it done for you.

    Bridal Garters

    Bridal Garters Purchase two identical garters. one to toss and the other to keep.

    A bilingual wedding

    Bilingual wedding ceremonies are gaining popularity with couples of differing heritages and languages. When it comes time to recite the vows, The bride may recite them in her language of heritage and the groom in his. Try to find an officiant who can perform the ceremony in both languages.

    Ring Bearer and Flower Child

    No flower girl? No problem! How about a flower child? It is just as cute to have a little boy spreading rose petals. Instead of a flower basket, you may consider a pail, a decorated box or an upside-down top hat filled with rose petals. If you have only one child, he or she can serve as both a flower-person and ring-bearer. Fill a top hat with flower petals and attach your rings to the hat with ribbons. Have the little boy carry the hat down the aisle, throwing petals as he goes toward the altar, bearing the rings.

    Don't get stuck!

    When you honor a friends with an invitation to be attendents at your wedding, make sure the people you pick to be in your wedding party are people you can rely on and who willingly accept. Sometimes, the time commitment and the attire and accesories can add up. Some may not have the time or wish to go to the expense required. So, instead of feeling honored they feel burdened. Make sure that the people you ask can also afford not only their time but their money to participate. If it is a matter of finance, offer to pay for their attire and or accessories. After all it is your wedding and your choice and you DO want them to be a part of your wedding.


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