Engagement Party and Shower Ideas
Looking for ideas for engagement party or bridal shower? A-wedding day offers you ideas for wedding accessories engagement parties - bridal showers, creating keepsakes wedding shower, theme showers and just for fun bridal parties. Also, suggestions about kids in bridal showers.

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    Engagement Party and Shower Ideas

    Wedding Accessories Showers

    Today's weddings are very expensive. Yet, no bride wants to do without.
    The engagement or bridal shower hostess must know EXACTLY what the bride wants for her wedding.
    There are two ways to coordinate a successful Accessrories Engagement Party or Bridal Shower, where the bride receives all the accessories and some other supplies she wants for her wedding.
    One way is to ask each guest to contribute a comfortable amount of money* and use the cash collected to purchase the bride's choice of wedding accessories. If there is enough money left, it should be used for other supplies she wants, such as favors or decorations. *Each guest should bring CASH and place it annonimousely privately in a bag, a box or a piggy bank. No guest needs to know how much others contributed, only the total collected and what can be purchased with the amount at hand. Any guest may, at their discretion, add funds.
    The other way is to send a list of the EXACT items the bride wans for her wedding and ask each guest to provide a certain item(s).

    Creating Keepsakes Engagement Party - Bridal Shower
    IDEA 1
    Create a personally engraved platter for the bride and groom. Give them a cherished keepsake, a family heirloom.

    keepsake platter engraving kit,

    The keepsake platter engraving kit,
    is a great gift for engagement parties, bridal showers, and weddings. It's a unique way to remember the friends and family that partook in the celebration.

    Place the platter and engraving pen on a table and ask each guest to sign it. As each arriving guest signs the platter, it quickly grows into a special way to treasure the memories of the day.
    If you want to present the platter as a surprise gift, place the signing table in another room. The Keepsake Platter comes with an oval 13"x8", stainless steel platter, a quiet and light-weight wireless engraver, 2 AA batteries for the engraver, a 6" plate easel, to display the finished platter and a table tent inviting the guests to sign.
    If you can have the platter signed prion to the arrival of the bride and / or groom, place it on the easel next to their cake or on a special table set up specifically for the display and watch the reaction on the couple's faces as they first see their platter.

    IDEA 2
    Create a personal Good Wishes Board for the bride and groom.

    Paste a copy of the invitation to the party on a large matte. Have each guest convey his or her wishes, give advice and or just sign the matte.
    After the wedding the couple can add their wedding picture to the matte and frame it.

    They may also include special items from your wedding and instead of a plain frame use a shadow-box frame.

    IDEA 3
    Tablecloth Fun

    Purchased a nice tablecloth and embroidery pens. At the shower, put plastic under the tablecloth. make up instructions and framed them. Include the bride & groom's names and date of wedding. In the instructions suggest that each shower attendee write a message of blessing, wisdom or just good wishes for them. they may also decorate the table cloth so it has more than just text. Talk about a treasured keepsake! Yet it can be used for wedding anniversaries.

    Theme Showers
    Ideas contributed by Aileen of Designs By Dru

    Tea cups

    A theme shower is especially suitable for brides who have already accumulated many of the housewares that tend to be given as gifts at traditional showers. Themes are also good for less traditional co-ed gatherings. The following ideas are especially festive when the theme is carried out in all aspects of the event, including invitations, menu, decorations, favors, and the gifts the guests bring.

    Tea Party
    Arrange an assortment of tea sandwiches and sweets on cake stands and pretty platters, and serve with pots of different kinds of tea. For place cards at the table, remove the tags from tea bags, replace them with small handwritten name tags, and put a tea bag in an empty cup at each guest?s place. Ask each guest to bring a vintage tea cup and saucer.

    Holiday Shower
    Assign each guest a holiday, and the resulting gifts will become family heirlooms for the couple: a platter for the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ornaments or Hanukkah decorations, champagne glasses for New Year?s Eve, a picnic basket for the Fourth of July.

    Beauty Shower
    The bride and her bridesmaids escape to a day spa and indulge in facials, manicures, and massages. This is a wonderful way to pamper the bride as her wedding approaches (but don?t schedule it the week before, as facials can cause unexpected reactions). Create invitations out of cards attached to linen hand towels or bottles of bath oil.

    Library Shower
    Each guest brings a beautifully bound book, engraved bookplates, or a gift certificate to a bookstore. Send out bookmarks as invitations, and give blank bookplates out to guests as favors.

    Construction and Beautification Party
    A co-ed party where friends and family come together to repair, decorate and/or beautify the couple's home or apartment, inside and out gardens included. If the couple owns their home with grounds surrounding it, it is very appropriate to plant a tree for the occasion of their marriage.

    Choose a Room
    Guests are asked to choose a room in the bride and groom's home and bring gifts specific to that room in the soon to be newlyweds' home.

    Kitchen, dining and Recipes
    Guests are asked to bring kitchen utensils, small appliances and dinnerware as well as their favorite recipes.

    Linens Shower
    Add luxury to the couple's private realm with gifts such as monogrammed pillowcases, fluffy down pillows, and the finest cotton or linen sheets. Or expand the theme to encompass both bed and bath, and include gifts like his-and-her bathrobes, fine soaps, and towels. Since taste in these items is individual, encourage the couple to register at a department store beforehand.

    Destination Shower
    The shower itself can be the gift: In this case, the bride and her bridesmaids can spend a weekend together in a beach house, a downtown hotel, or a cabin by a lake.

    Sports Shower
    For a fitness-oriented couple, guests can bring climbing gear, ski equipment, tennis racquets, golf clubs, or whatever suits the couple?s interests. Include guests in the action by making the shower itself be eight holes of golf, a day at a local ski area, or a rousing game of beach volleyball.

    Wine Shower
    Have every guest bring a bottle or two of wine to help build the couple?s wine cellar. Assign each guest a different grape or region to ensure variety. You can even turn the shower into a wine tasting; consider hiring an expert to conduct it.

    Travel Shower
    This is an excellent theme for avid travelers or any couple embarking on an exotic honeymoon. Gifts can include luggage, camera equipment, certificates for language lessons, guidebooks, and journals. Design the menu according to their next destination?tapas for Spain, jerk chicken for Jamaica, a plate of fine cheeses for France.

    Garden Shower
    For couples who have a house, organize a garden-themed shower. The couple may be able to register at a garden center, and guests can bring books, tools, seeds, flowerpots, plants, and journals. Send out hand-decorated seed packets as invitations, or give them out as favors.

    How about a spa day?
    You and your bridesmaids can have manicures and pedicures, and some get massages and facials. Go out to lunch together and have a great relaxing girly day. This will give all of you an added benefit.

    How about a slumber party?
    Your friends and the girls in your family can spend the night painting your nails, talking about love, reading love poems and quotes aloud and just having fun.

    For the kids
    For couples who have children, organize a shower to include the kids. If not in presence, in presents. Ask each guest to bring a little gift for each of the couple's children to let them know that you celebrate them too.

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