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Flower Girl & Ring Boy
Constance A. Caruso
Everyone loves the charm and sweetness of children in a wedding party. Alas, some children become very scared when the reality sets in of walking down an aisle of people on both sides.

Looking at them--music playing and fear might set in....and they might want to run the other way.....
Pick a child who is very secure and speak with them in detail....on what they should expect....even have a dry run in the backyard with them scattering petals with neightbors cheering them on with music playing...

Tell them that this day is so special because of them being a part of it...and everyone will be so happy to see them---and will be smiling at them because they are so sweet..

Little girls all dressed up and scattering flowers or whatever will feel safer if they know what they are going to be doing...

The same with the ring bearer...pick a secure little boy....and make sure the ribbon is secure with the ring..

I feel a child six or older is a better choice than a three year old or even four...but you will know the capabilities of the child and always remember no matter what happens that day or what the child will be considered endearing and darling so relax and let the child steal a few moments away from you.....

They certainly add a sweet flair to any wedding..

Article Copyright © Constance A. Caruso, May 2000
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