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Love Poems 1

love-poemsFalling in love and the feelings of love have been expressed in poems, stories and other  writings for thousands of years.
Many brides and grooms include love poems and love quotes from writings at their weddings. We plan to add more poems so check often.
The poems included on this page are attributed to the following poets:
Susan Polis Schutz, Elizabeth Barret Browning Robert Burns, George Elliot, Thomas À Kempis, E. E. Cummings and Wilferd Arlan Peterson. To read more CLICK HERE.

 Gold Medal of Excellence AWARD information

Gold medal of excellence awardThe Web Site Recognition Awards program, sponsored by A-Wedding Day, is designed to recognize excellence and enrich the wedding community. Receiving this Award and placing it on your home page, tells visitors that your site rates merit. To read more CLICK HERE.

A gift for you! Your own FREE Wedding Website

free-wedding-website-4-youToday, most everyone owns at least one electronic device that connects with the Internet.
If you are looking for a fresh and modern way to share the details of your special day, we have the perfect solution.
FREE websites that can match your wedding invitations and you do not even have to be a programmer. To read more CLICK HERE.


It is your wedding. Your own very special day. Make it a no stress wedding, a one-of a-kind event.
Many bridal couples become overwhelmed by all the ‘must do’s and instead of enjoying the journey get stressed out. Don’t be one of them. Here are a few suggestions that will make the preparation fun.

A Home Dream Wedding or Party on a budget

garden weddingRead this article for ideas and information about planning a home, a garden or a club house dream wedding, engagement party, shower, holiday, graduations, retirement, a special birthday party or other celebrations, on a budget. To read more CLICK HERE.

 The Personalized Wedding Planner and Organizer

Personalized-Wedding-Planner-Organizer Table of Contents 1. Introduction
a. About the Wedding Planning Organizer
b. Tips for a Stress Free – Fun Wedding Day Planning
c. Wedding Planning To-Do list

To read more CLICK HERE.

A Wedding Planner, a Wedding Consultant, a Wedding Coordinator – Whatever the Title, Do We Need One?

Brides and by grooms often ask A-wedding Day if they need to hire a Wedding Planner, a Wedding Consultant, or a Wedding Coordinator. This is rather complex. It canswered  It cannot be answered with a yes or a no, as many factors need to be considered prior to making a decision. To read more CLICK HERE

About Wedding Professionals

The period from engagement to the wedding day is a happy one. Many celebrations take place and we have been asked by many confused brides and grooms to explain each one and what it represents. Following is information about: Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Groom Shower, Wedding Shower and Rehearsal Dinners, what they represent and why they are important. To read more CLICK HERE.

 Great ideas for Engagement & Shower Wish Lists & Gifts part 1

David and Susan

 Creative Ideas for Meaningful Engagement, Bridal Shower  Wish Lists and Gifts and Wish Lists for the Wedding Day. To read more CLICK HERE.

Great ideas for Engagement & Shower Wish Lists & Gifts part 2  

Ben and Rachel

Creative Ideas for Meaningful Engagement, Bridal Shower  Wish Lists and Gifts and Wish Lists for the Wedding Day. To read more CLICK HERE.


Personalized-candles-by-NilyHave a Blending Family Wedding. Include your children and give center stage. In other words, make them a central part of the wedding,

starting with the ceremony. To read more CLICK HERE


 A Family Wedding – A What? 

Engraveable Family Unity Ring

Engraveable Family Unity Ring

A wedding is always exciting. A lot of planning and preparation go into action.
so that the wedding will be memorable, meaningful and one-of-a-kind. But what about the many couples who marry partners with kids?

To read more CLICK HERE

 The Secrets to a Great Marriage Part 1 – Introduction

My husband and I were married in 1965, (Do the math getting close to our 50th anniversary),  raised a family and still feel about each other as though we are newlyweds. Brides, grooms and married couples who know us, often ask us something akin to: “What is the secret to your relationship and happy marriage?”   To read more CLICK HERE

Family FinanceThe Secrets to a Great Marriage Part  2 – Handling Finances, Affection & Loyalty  

A marriage is more than friendship and love. It is a partnership. Thus, finances are communal. Yet arguments and disagreements relating to finances can destroy trust, loyalty and even the marriage itself. To read more CLICK HERE


The Secrets to a Great Marriage Part  3 – Set Aside Time for Each Other!

When we first got married my husband and I played a game. Each of us wrote down what emotional characteristics we should nurture throughout our married life. To read more CLICK HERE


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